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It's Revengecast, the only podcast on the internet we occasionally remember to record and release!

What's going on on the island this time? Well let me tell you what's NOT going on on the island... of MANHATTAN! Because that is where we supposedly are and yet that is in no possible universe where we actually are perhaps to the greatest extent it's ever been aside from all the times they forget to crop the palm trees out of the frame.

Information is the seat of power, they say, and thus Voulez is the base of this pyramid, which takes place primarily there and, as intimated above, definitely at the Metropolitan Opera House which, as Victoria Grayson herself says, absolutely cannot afford any wild cards, especially not ones potentially named Amanda OR Fauxmanda (actually just kidding Vicky isn't operating at anywhere near that level and Graz is out at some Court Watch Public Action Keep The District Attorney Accountable Thing and so she can't stop me from saying for a third time that Victoria is definitely sniffing up the right tree with the wrong ass... or... it's the right tree and it's the right ass in as much as it's her ass but normally you don't sniff at trees with your ass is my point and thus the metaphor is... Hey look man my metaphors aren't on trial here and anyway I'm just trying to distract you from the severe bummer that is the Tragic Plight Of The Hokkaido Wolf and besides that it's been a long week?? ...the week we recorded this... which was not this week...

Occasionally we're at Nolan's house with his new roommate, the rejected extra from Swordfish staring Halle Berry and we get to see Jack in a cave man suit which is always nice.


Topics for Consideration:

Gatcha Edging
Much Like Nico
"Just Let Me Have This One Thing," The Jack Porter Story
Them Chubby Elf Cheeks :3
Please Don't Take My Blood, Zucky

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The stunning debut of Bugs (featuring Filomena)!

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It's Revengecast, the only podcast on the internet with the temerity to split a podcast about not-so-hit TV show Revenge into two episodes! And geez, with the amount of Patrick we're dealing with her, can you blame us???


Aw I'm just funnin' you Pod, you're all right. But I will need you to board this jet to Italy, send your minority report holo-message to Victoria, and never, ever look back.


What else is happening? Preferable stuff that doesn't involve Patrick or trying to redeem Patrick or trying to pretend like anyone watching this show could possibly care about Patrick or trying to act like there's some sort of moral equity between what Nolan blundered into (accidentally revealing his monster father) versus what Patrick blundered into Nolan (q.v. blunt objects referred to in episodes prior). Well if you can't stand all that stuff above--and we sure won't!--how about a little bit of the old Drown-itis! Because, as we've discovered, I think, kind of, that's the only way to get your memories back on this GD island (I guess it is near the sea) or achieve any sort of spiritual or emotional closure (tell that to father paul, am I right :o) and that leads us to dark truths about the practicality of Ronald Takeda's revenge plan vis-a-vis his revenge teaching method that leaves a lot to be desired and, frankly, practically ends the podcast right then and there. Some truths are too galling. 


Also Stevie Grayson is here.


Topics for Consideration:


A Sprinkle of Patrickprika

Remember Mad Men?

Poor Person Pride (PPP)


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As mentioned on the pod, we have a tinyletter now to use for the purposes of reminding people when things like this come up so it doesn't get lost in the overwhelming onslaught of sadness and strife that is the modern social media feed. Sign up at and don't fear I'll spam you to death with it, because I can't think of anything interesting to write in it otherwise!

Also we have a discord! oops, I'm supposed to mention that more!

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It's Revengecast, the only podcast on the internet about the television show Revenge where we don't actually talk about Revenge, and I'm finally free of the curse laid upon me by an ancient mummy!

Topics for Consideration:

Willy Wonka’s Unethical Gacha Machine
Square Square Hold Square
The Law & Order SVU Of Manga


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2017 was a HUGE year for video games, so we've got a HUGE podcast counting down our Top 5 Games of 2017, featuring Dave and Graziella from Friends from the Internet, Dustin Bailey, formerly of This Week in Games, and Heidi Kemps currently of This Week in Games!

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Hold onto your seats, because it's time for a life or death struggle where Graziella's mettle is put to the absolute test as she wends and winds a labyrinth of real and user-submitted anime titles in an quest to determine the very essence of Reality and Falsehood!

Time slips through our fingers 25 hours at a time. In this life, you wake up at 8:30 and you go to bed at 8:30 and the time between is but a gauzy dream. Kicking off our 2017 charity drive for Planned Parenthood (wherein our community raised $4200, woah!!) Graziella, the enduring champion, weathers an onslaught of BlendS, "like" potions, HUMAN TRIANGLES(?!). What's that?? The appearance of an OLD RIVAL shakes Graziella to her core and, like tossed dominos spinning in the air, the future becomes more tenuous than ever. Is this the end? Will Graziella survive the conflagration of this desolate windswept moor we call "the battleground of life?" What's more, will she triumph? Find out now, on The Downtown Nemuru Ultimate Anime Sleepytime Challenge Fall 2017 *LIVE* Edition!

(also I'm glad we had the video to grab audio from, because iphone voice memos appear to just flip on their aggressive noise canceling every single time now! So instead of "we sound like we're time traveling underwater for 28 minutes straight" you just had to endure some intermittent spots where the noise reduction couldn't tell the difference between our voices and the room noise. And THAT'S what we in the "business" call a *win*. b(o.o)b)

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Listen Up!

It's Revengecast, the only podcast on the internet that *KA-THUMP-KA-THUMP-KA-THUMP-KATHUMP* 😡😡 GENGNGHRMMMM😡😡*sound of: flailing arms and sexy make-up application*😡UBLUHHBBLUHHHBLUHH😡 ...oh wait charlotte is still in this show...?? 😡😡*KA-THUMP-KA-THUMP-KA-THUMP-KATHUMP*😡 😡*sound of: THE WORST FOE LIES WITHIN THE SELF* 😡HRHHHGHHRR😡*KA-THUMP-KA-THUMP-KA-THUMP-KATHUMP*😡😡 *sound of: YOU DON'T KNOW ME NOLAN*😡😡 Topics for Consideration: Conrad's Many Pie Fingers Rage Makeup The (not so) Dark Knight Returns Morality Time Bomb Bonking Hazards Innovative Bio-Digital Fungal Storage Solutions Nico...🙅‍♀️Go Away🙅‍♀️ Target Status: THIS LINK LETS YOU BUY THE BOOK I WROTE. If you have the time, write us a review on iTunes using this link. iTunes reviews are a big factor in discovery metrics, and all it takes is a sentence to help us grow!
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Listen Up!

It's Revengecast, the only podcast on the internet that takes two months to tell you what happened two days ago in a TV that went off the air two years back and, as if to add self-interested insult to our laggardly delay, we specifically recorded this to remind you that our 24-hour charity stream for Planned Parenthood is coming up on November 4th!   But also, Revengecast! It's been a while! What to catch you up on? Well, let's see, this so-called "Chillcast," proves to be anything BUT as we dip our toes right into Emily's long-held fantasy of boudoir cauterization. Oh, would that it were my long-lost love that were holding this red-hot poker, Niko, and not the daughter of the man who my long-lost love murdered. What was that? I didn't say anything. MAKE WITH THE CAUTERY, MURDER NURSE. It's just not Emily that's feeling the stings of a love lost (which is definitely not actually burgeoning sepsis). Why, Notorious Slime Lizard Conrad Grayson's so heartbroken in the departure & wrongful police pursuit of Lydia Davis--that, again, he planned to have happen, but it didn't happen in the way he planned it to have happened--and throwing away first editions of rare poems like Allegories R Us is going out of business. Likewise, Margaux is stripped from her Common People (Like You) bliss to discover the wrenching loss of control that happens in a publication when your under-paid, under-appreciated assistants are forced to accept task rabbit side gigs from the aforementioned Slime Lizards, bent on fomenting and resolving their own libel cases faster than an afternoon nine on the golf course, just to make ends meet. Boy, running a magazine sure is tough! And Margaux's not the only one who wants to sleep with Common People (Like You). Who else is sauntering by this big old horse triptych we call life? It's Sarah Marie Clemenzo Marciano Soprano Mikey Sonny Vito Corleone Paddingtonbeara! Who, thusly elevated into high society, just wants to sip her powerade by the pool in peace without the constant interruptions of the housewife (Emily) whose househome (Grayson Manor) she's wrecking by sleeping with her househusband (Danny). Is it too much to ask for a girl from the other side of the tracks to make a nice Càprésé Sàlàd and Pàstà Prïmávérà for her infidelitous beau without her mom showing up to put her doughy hands on her dowdy hips and talk some jibber-jabber like Sarah Marie Clemenzo Marciano Soprano Mikey Sonny Vito Corleone Paddington Bear I DID NOT RAISE YOU TO BE A HOME RAKER. :< Maaaaa! >.< She's snowing you! >.<; She's snowing you right into ruining our romantic dinner--and after I made all this nice GÁBBÁGÖÖL and everything!!! >.<;;;;;;; Would that we all had long-suffering mamans to watch over us when we're straying from our moral compasses, maybe then we wouldn't have to BURN OUR BULLET-RIDDLED TUMMIES WITH SEARING CAST IRON so we could resume our CONVOLUTED REVENGE PLANS OF QUESTIONABLE MERIT without the constant interruption of our laughably mortal flesh begging for even a moment's convalescence. Otherwise, Patrick, digging a little too deeply into matters beyond his ken, peels back the flesh of Victoria's weathered scars, forcing your humble Revengecast to Get Kinda Real for a few minutes, but that never lasts long. In the midst of Nolan and Aiden hurling themselves at mach 5 speed into a Weekend at Bernie's-style comedy of errors) of "keep our new roommate (who is skinning a dozen mangos in the kitchen right feckin' now 😬😬😬😬😬) from discovering the murder weapon that killed her father--which why did we hid it RIGHT UNDER HER BED again???" we receive a bit of fan service in an extremely brief acknowledgement that the show remembers <ERROR*DP-01*CHARACTER*NAME*NOT*FOUND*PLEASE*CONTACT*A*STAFF*WRITER> existed at some point in the chronology and people, whether in-universe or the viewers at home, might still care about him, but I wouldn't particularly lose sleep over it. In the Charlotte, we assume, is no longer in this show. REVENGECAST! REVENGECAST! REVENGECAST! (make sure you visit for more info on the streams!) Topics for Consideration: Hiccough Remedies SABOTAUGE! >:O Bitsy Hopkins and the "Champagne Friend" Big Ben's A-Chimin' I Got Mixed Up, Mixed Up, Mixed Up The Folk Wisdom of Stevedore Portman Target Status: THIS LINK LETS YOU BUY THE BOOK I WROTE. If you have the time, write us a review on iTunes using this link. iTunes reviews are a big factor in discovery metrics, and all it takes is a sentence to help us grow!  
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This flimsy excuse for a podcast mostly exists to remind you that #BD4PP2017 is coming and STREAMTOBER starts tomorrow at! But in it Dave spoils ALL OF ATTACK ON TITAN so don't listen past the overproduced intro if you care about spoilers for everything UP TO AND INCLUDING THE CURRENT MANGA. (also since I have no illusions about anyone actually understanding a word I said, you can find information about the BD4PP stream here!)
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