Friends From The Internet

Who killed Tyler? (Takeda.) Where is Amanda? (Montreal, maybe.) Was Chocolate high on the night on the murder? (Yes but who wasn't.) Everybody's doubting everybody in the Hamptons. B.B. Brooks Esq. (The second B stands for "Brooks") concocts a lawyerly turnabout redoubt, building Danny's defense by making Charlie point the finger at the nearest person who is likely to own a hoodie, Jack. Declan is predictably unhappy about this, but nobody seems to care. The broken Mason Treadwell gets to regain his soul (maybe) and channels his pre-Victoria self, who cared about the Truth, and Poor Kids, and wore a lot more corduroy. Nolan pawns Treadwell by letting him in on some thinknovator hot tips, that typewriters are not the only means of getting the words out of your brain, and into other peoples'. And so Treadwell Report is born, where Treadwell will tackle the toughest moral questions facing the Hamptons like: Was Charlotte taking drugs? and also... well, the Charlotte Drug Thing is pretty much it so far, but who can say what this brash idealist will tackle next with his incisive viral bloggings. Victoria demands a full retraction but Mason points out that so long as Victoria keeps not throwing parties with celebrities at them, she has no power over him.

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