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In this week’s Revengecast we set out on a grand journey to help Emily answer the question: what is justice anyway? Does it exist inside or outside of the courtroom? In order to fully understand this topic we must first design a clone program to test whether we can raise a human to communicate solely by hamburger emoji. But can Dave, with his weak grasp of bioethics, design a clones for science program? Can Graz figure out even why we are making clones to begin with? Will the clones be in an Errol Morris documentary? Meanwhile in the Hamptons, which are on Long Island apparently, Danny is having a real tough time keeping himself busy about the manor. Emily is like not even hanging out with him and he is so bored. Conrad chases away Victoria’s art boyfriend and Charlotta decides its a good idea to sleep with her drug dealer. Worst of all, things are not going well for the Murdersnitches, and some Inception-level shit is going on where Dave and I both clearly remember Thugswary wearing a powder-blue bellhop uniform in this episode, but really it was just a sweater vest? Emily works all night to use the NYPD's inherent class bonus "Luminol Vision" to make good on her promise to save Jack from further indignity (and further broken ribs), only to come home after a hard night’s frame up to find Danny valiantly breaking house arrest so he can go next door for 2 minutes before he gets dragged back to Rikers again.

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