Friends From The Internet

In this episode we learn how far Emily is willing to go to not care about absolution, because if her revengenemies aren’t going to seek absolution, then neither will she. So no one will be getting absolved ever, no really, Emily is all “I’m going to do things I can’t take back ohhh spooky scary.” One of the things she can’t take back is when she leaves Nolan a sobbing mess on the floor, because Nolan betrayed her, but not really. She still makes him cry though. We feel bad for Croyden because those rich assholes deserved it, but she gets a Lexus from Conrad which somehow makes the years of abuse and malnutrition ok. Conrad has does some eavesdropping and confused teacup holding. He later finds the snifters and reveals that he has been using Danny as a pawn in his relationship with Victoria for far too long. Danny is surprised? But more importantly everyone is now pretending to be Nermal. Except for Charlotte, who is too sad to do anything.

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