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In this episode we learn of grief and all its stages, like Rage, Frenzy, Crossing Stuff Out with Red Sharpies, “The Barkening,” and finally, Yelling at Nolan. We flesh out the truth of Methusapup and learn the true power of Sammy, eternity dog and Our Savior. Victoria pulls out some Death Note-level intuition about where secret evidence may be hidden and--oh yes, that's right--we’re talking about the de Kooning again. Emily tries to track down the White-Haired Man (WHM) and Nolan tries to keep Emily from making a Life Altering Mistake (LAM). Aunt Carol comes back to remind Emily her parents are dead, allowing Nolan to deploy his brilliant Super Secret Mustache Plan, wherein he buys a cable guy an island in order to assume the role of Burt, cable fixer and general screw-driver-having guy. I get a little too excited about what stats Victoria would have if she were a Pathfinder character and Dave humors me, mostly. Oh and also: penis cages; we’re sorry. WILL EMILY KILL A PERSON? Will Victoria stab Lydia with a letter opener?Will Charlocta’s parent trap work? Will Conrad ever have lips? What the fuck is on Lydia’s feet?? All these mysteries and more, explored on this week's Revengecast: Eternal Runtime and My First BDSM Edition(tm)!  

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