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wow!! is it really a whole separate calendar year since we did DOWNTOWN NEMURU ULTIMATE ANIME SLEEPYTIME CHALLENGE FALL 2019 EDITIONi guess things sometimes fall through the cracks when you're... me... 🥺

"They're not just going to GIVE it to you."

everyone is sick on this recording, so sorry about the coughing (and the coffee!)!! i totally forgot in the rush of positive emotions that our community raised nearly $5000 for the New Sanctuary Coalition this year. good job, everyone!! you worked inversely as hard as i didn't to put this out two months after we recorded it!!! m(___)m

Hold onto your seats, because it's time for a life or death struggle where Graziella's mettle is put to the absolute test as she wends and winds a labyrinth of real and user-submitted anime titles in an quest to determine the very essence of Reality and Falsehood!

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