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It's time for the Downtown Nemuru Ultimate Anime Sleepytime Challenge Hyperdeluxe Ultramax Live Edition FoF (For The Future) 2017!!?? <Extra Shouty>: Spring 2017 Edition! Hold onto your seats, because it's time for a life or death struggle where Graziella's mettle is put to the absolute test as she wends and winds a labyrinthine of real and user-submitted anime titles in an quest to determine the very essence of Reality and Falsehood! She's on the ropes! Won over by the nefarious forces of S.T.R.E.M., we bring the Ultimate Anime Sleepytime Challenge into its FINAL FORM, the Live Stream! And so, in front of a live studio audience, Graziella is forced into her most dastardly challenge yet, and this time there'll be no "meeting the Anime-chans" to save her! 😑 (and thanks to Nick, you can "watch" the clipped highlight of the stream here, but I wouldn't recommend it because it's just my Final Fantasy 14 character dancing to anime songs for 45 minutes while we talk??? (but it does have the benefit of letting you see the responses from the chat!!) But lo! With the rumbling sound of a idling Fedex truck, a shining star appears as but a glimpse on the horizon. But is does this chance arrival herald salvation or destruction? Does noble Ian appear to help Graziella overcome these cruel odds or is he yet another wolf in sheep's clothing, feigning aid while meting out his own compromising form of justice? In the end, we're forced to confront what we always knew was true: do these hollow victories even matter?? For, in the hallowed halls of the DNUASC only one truth prevails: 😨 When Eromanga-sensei is on the menu, no one truly "wins." 😨
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