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Belayed by three weeks of indecision and laziness, not even the cataclysmic arrival of the dread GENITORI can stop the DOWNTOWN NEMURU ULTIMATE ANIME SLEEPYTIME CHALLENGE SPRING 2018 EDITION! Hold onto your seats, because it's time for a life or death struggle where Graziella's mettle is put to the absolute test as she wends and winds a labyrinth of real and user-submitted anime titles in an quest to determine the very essence of Reality and Falsehood! Watch out folks, because we got some real hum-dingers here, and what starts out as a commanding lead quickly because something else entirely. The winds of fate are fickle, Seaman Graziella, especially when our usual rogues gallery of contributors are at the helm!! >:o (also i'm serious about stealing that reverse werewolf thing no take backs :3) and remember what Ken Levine taught us, there's always a man, there's always a lighthouse, there's always DAMN IS THAT CATGIRLS ARM A BOAR I LOVE FATE NOW   By the way! Did you know we have a tinyletter now to use for the purposes of reminding people when things like this come up so it doesn't get lost in the overwhelming onslaught of sadness and strife that is the modern social media feed? Sign up at and don't fear I'll spam you to death with it, because I can't think of anything interesting to write in it otherwise! Also we have a discord! oops, I'm supposed to mention that more!
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