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So this week in Revengecast we're a little heavy on plot synopsis but as per usual there are a lot of byzantine machinations to go through. Yes I know machinations already implies that they are byzantine but it's for emphasis, don't worry about it. SO these particular revanches involve foster brother Eli and their Dickensian orphanage (Revenge's own words, it's in the script) named Hayward House, more like HeyWORST House. We see more of baby Gothmanda and her predilection for using red markers to X out her enemies--in this case her very own father! But all she has are those awesome children's smelly markers and so she has to smite him, but with the scent of cherry. We once again fail to do our homework on sartorial terminology, I dont even know what you call a blazer with two rows of buttons. I should have bought this book which is real and NOT a joke:

So we're also continuing the Tale of the Nine-Fingered Padma’s Father and the Carrion of Doom, and Nolan is making some pretty serious promises to Padma that nothing bad will ever happen to her or her dad ever again. Unfortunately these promises end up coming down to Aiden, who proves once again that he is bad at his job. Don’t worry Nolan Padma will be FINE. This mission that Emily can’t supervise because she is in New Haven for some reason will definitely go well. I have a degree from Tanaka’s Correspondence Revenge School, now hear me out, its not as fancy as Takeda’s school but I have studied the butts of ALL the initiative members (that I know of) and I am ready to shoot them there (in their butts) with my sniper rifle. Unless of course they're turned around, but what are the chances of that? Or oh god what if they are sitting down...NO Tanaka warned me about this, this is what we call "self doubt" and it is the enemy of revenge. I WILL BE ABLE TO SEE THEIR BUTTS NOLAN. I swear it to you.

ELI JAMES...? :(

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