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Revengecast S02E21 - Truth (part 1)

In this episode of Revengecast: The Podcast About Revenge, Jack Porter's dockers are filled with a steaming load of [RATED E FOR EXPLICIT] and so are ours! With New York in peril thanks to the deployment of the devious Carrion device, wheels are spinning, deals are happening, and alliances are forged, broken, and forged again stronger than ever across not one but two separate islands!

In perhaps the briefest pairing yet, Jactoria Snooping Agency pairs up for the dual purpose of Talking like a Regency Novel Protagonist AND ALSO to investigate the strange occurrences transpiring behind the closed, mahogany boardroom doors of the nefarious Conchly Group(...Global)--who are super good at spycraft and the nonpareil experts in their field at not looking suspicious at all--and their innovative new Cunning Cons: Sponsored by Conrad Grayson (#JointheCONversation). Meanwhile, on the other side of the vestibule doors(where, TBQF, we all kind of wish they'd just stayed forever, like in a sort of Cask of Amontillado scenario), the Decgina Anti-Friends  fritter away their time bickering like only love-struck teenagers can, and Charlotte and Danny, who really bear no portmanteau, are power-napping their way across 17 Blocks (which is one extra block than Bruce Willis and Mos Def ever got!) three hours at a time.

But the [RATED E FOR EXPLICIT] really hits the fan when the power comes back and Emily finds out that maybe not everyone on the planet is super into her exact, specific method of Revanche. The darkest secrets of the Takeda Black Marker Circle Ritual is revealed, Victoria stoops to a new housekeeping low, Ashley is Aligning The Crystals to imbue Conrad with the spirit of Rich People's Greatest Ally, Aiden's heavy heart forces him to reveal a troubling encounter with The Man Who Bites (now streaming on Netflix!), Jack has definitely played at least one Pokemon game (looks like a real SOUL SILVER to me, am I right?), we lament the futility of one Babbano against the full might of the Vecchia Famiglia dei Magi (we also cut like half an hour of us humorlessly discussing the horrors of retributive criminal justice, so you're welcome), and Emily is with child?? Well, probably not, but somebody is, and you'll have to listen [rate, review, and subscribe to our patreon] to find out who!!

Topics for Consideration:

The NolanSat Satellite Sat Network (aka The NolSatSatSat)
Wolf Children Illumi and Nati
Many Marthas
Beverly Hills Time Cube 2: Hypercube
Celebrity Box Starring Bea Arthur
Revenge -- Prior: The Blade -- The Novel: The Tempest of CCH Pounder (with Madeline Stowe)
The Trendy Cloning Life of Luckey Persimmons
Givenchy Fuckin' Loafers


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