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It's Revengecast, the only podcast on the internet we occasionally remember to record and release!

What's going on on the island this time? Well let me tell you what's NOT going on on the island... of MANHATTAN! Because that is where we supposedly are and yet that is in no possible universe where we actually are perhaps to the greatest extent it's ever been aside from all the times they forget to crop the palm trees out of the frame.

Information is the seat of power, they say, and thus Voulez is the base of this pyramid, which takes place primarily there and, as intimated above, definitely at the Metropolitan Opera House which, as Victoria Grayson herself says, absolutely cannot afford any wild cards, especially not ones potentially named Amanda OR Fauxmanda (actually just kidding Vicky isn't operating at anywhere near that level and Graz is out at some Court Watch Public Action Keep The District Attorney Accountable Thing and so she can't stop me from saying for a third time that Victoria is definitely sniffing up the right tree with the wrong ass... or... it's the right tree and it's the right ass in as much as it's her ass but normally you don't sniff at trees with your ass is my point and thus the metaphor is... Hey look man my metaphors aren't on trial here and anyway I'm just trying to distract you from the severe bummer that is the Tragic Plight Of The Hokkaido Wolf and besides that it's been a long week?? ...the week we recorded this... which was not this week...

Occasionally we're at Nolan's house with his new roommate, the rejected extra from Swordfish staring Halle Berry and we get to see Jack in a cave man suit which is always nice.


Topics for Consideration:

Gatcha Edging
Much Like Nico
"Just Let Me Have This One Thing," The Jack Porter Story
Them Chubby Elf Cheeks :3
Please Don't Take My Blood, Zucky

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