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It's Revengecast, the only podcast on the internet willing to give you the STRAIGHT POOP on Jeanne D'Arc (Dark (or, "Jalter")'s VITO SPLENDIDO and YES I DID LOOK THAT UP, GRAZIELLA.

So what's going on with the island these days? Oh who fuckin knows. It's more complicated than Lost up in this piece. By which I mean relationships become fractious over the slightest amount of misdirection from known untrustworthy sources for the sake of drama and then resolve and reconcile within the span of the next scene. In this, our shortest Revengecast to date, I'm not really sure what we talked about because we were so worn out that I'm not sure we talked about anything at all. Look I'm really upset that we, with the subtraction of gacha journalism, for the first time have recorded a Revengecast that's shorter than the episode length itself and for some reason that's getting me really emotional. Also, I'd make a joke here about not having time to finish this blog post because I have to grind my Revenant Weapons before the Guild Wars event ends but y'all know I finished that last night already.

Huh.... we talked about Rage of Bahamut last time too, I guess...

Topics for Consideration:

Stephanie or Stevie
Enrich MY DICK
Cheap Imitation French Whale Cam

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