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it's revengecast, the only podcast on the internet closing in on covering a full 75% of one specific TV show called Revenge.

so as people who now know approximately 71-73% of revenge, you know that we're in the know!  and people in the know know they don't NEED to go over what goes on in the episode. a guy who looks like Brad Pitt's chin got stuck by 30 bees harasses emily so hard that she discards her Billionaire Power Armor (colloquially known as "money") to accompany him (not under arrest) to the police station set from what is almost certainly a failed multi-racial 90s buddy cop sitcom called Coffee n' Creem. and we *all* already know how easy it is to buy an ear off DARKEST of webs--but not because our politicians or news media are talking about it, am i right?? what's important is this is the moment. it's *the* moment, right. it's all come to this, bro!! all the red sharpies. all the therapists in cargo contains. Mason Treadwell. The Initiative. double infinities. collars. watches. whale cams. spilling bloody marys on people and then pretending to love them for three years while making "shooting yourself in the head with a cartoon pistol" gestures behind his back to your billionaire-slash-pervert friend on face time. the frakking guy because we needed a mid-season enemy of the week! squeak-squeaking your sister and giving her 1000 ccs of Clockwork Orange because you're tired of coming up with good plans. exploding her best friend on a boat that almost had nothing to do with you except for like in a cosmic and/or karmic sense............

but all that being said........ don't you gotta just give it to her? and don't you just you gotta give it to Conrad? i'm so surfeit with emotions i feel like standing and clapping like they do at the end of a play but i don't even do that at real plays because i'm socially awkward and am convinced that any motion i make will cause a crowd of hyenas to descend.** hey maybe i even gotta give it (just a *lil*) to Mike Kelley (or whoever wrote this) because people have been waiting to see Emily on the other side of jail cell from Conrad for a long time. what people? well.... i know two of them!!!! and they're just as happy seeing it now as they did for the first times...................................

motherfucker how is "We Can't Quit.... Coz We Fit" not a Tim and Eric sketch, get the fuck off the porch Aiden, Jack is here with a RING (metaphor!!!!)

so by the by: three cheers, Emalarm! here's to a successful mission with absolutely no repercussions in the near future, especially considering the next episode is the season finale! :)

Topics for Consideration:

Butt Prints
"Little Mao"
The New Franq
Little Miss Born-A-Wretch

Target Status:

target status: ....creepy........ acknowledgement?

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**i did break this rule once.... and only once..... it was the Takarazuka Revue's showing of Chicago and i did it.... because they were incredibly hot.... :)

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