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Poor pouty aiden!!! So pouty! So aiden! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO KEEP KISSING DANNY EMILY? You’re supposed to give me ALL the kisses, and Danny NO kisses, thats what boyfriends are! While Aiden is sabotaging Emily’s tolerance for him, Victoria is having covert meetings with Emily in her solarium and saying things like SABOTAGE and C'EST LE GUERRE. Someone is dead in a balaclava. Connie is still wearing shorts but now he’s smoking cubans and sparring over who is or is not the most emasculated with his ULTIMATE RIVAL Jason Prosser - Other Finance Guy. We mention 15 tv shows in a 1 minute period by accident, and Victoria is eyerolling Conrad’s posturing man-shorted ass all around the manor while she tries to actually take care of her sabotage. Dave does a Baby Conrad impersonation, and ponders whether elephants can actually appreciate a peanut. Also he loses his mind over those couple of lines from A Mighty Wind. I get pretty sleepy and dave looks at pictures of bears for like 5 minutes. I didn’t cut it out, you’re welcome. 

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Happy thanksgiving people! We do a lengthly thanksgiving roundup, discuss lasagna, and cry for a while about the nightmare food we encountered in VA. NIGHTMARE FOOOOOD. Why can’t people just make food that has flavor. WHY. We attempt to work out the logistics of making flavorless gravy with little success, and yet we are faced with the reality of its existence. One of life’s darker Mysteries. Meanwhile in the Land of Revanche Emily is breaking out a red sharpie for an old timey actual revenge Revenge. This time the target is Judge Barnes, up for nomination to the supreme court because he did such a good job during the ultra-sensationalized David Clark trial. That's how this Supreme Court shit works, just ask Chief Justice Ito. So there's a lot of ins and outs but also there's Valcony Alliances in the works where Victoria un-bans Emily from the Manor and, to prove just how un-banned she is, invites her to lemonade up on the balcony. Yes that balcony, the official Sadness Balcony what where Victoria goes to regret the past while looking stunning against the ocean… and also stare at Emily’s porch. In summation, we talk about how fucked up it was that Stephanie March married Bobby Flay. Also this is real, and from a real magazine: enjoy!!

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Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 2.13.28 PM

Listen Up!

So we get pretty excited about the fancy shotgun, green fields, and pretty tent party that the episode starts with. Victoria slowly takes an ornate shotgun out of an ornate shotgun box and starts hitting clay frisbees like someone who grew up hunting pheasant in Oxfordshire not chasing pigeons on the upper east side. We try to lay out exactly what we mean when we talk about collar watch, and there are so many collars to watch! Victoria is wearing a crazy lace collar thing, everyone is wearing weird vests, and this is an official DPPP episode! Lets take this time to thank Nolan for descending to our dirty plane of existence to give us a glimpse of the sublime. The reason for the shooting party is Victoria and Conrad are trying to save their precious baby potato boy from taking over Grayson Global and thus falling into the clutches of the initiative. Enter Sandoval, a Spaniard (or possibly Braziliard) and Influential Investor. Anyway everyone tries to manipulate everyone else and Emily and Aiden come out on top in the end. The main tool is a video of Ashley and Conrad having creepily enthusiastic sex, which gets sent to Victoria to weaken her allegiance with Conrad, but which Victoria manages to turn to her advantage by forcing Ashley to have sex with Salvador. Whats a little soul crushing sex with Salvador in the long run Ashley? Its not like Danny will realize his mother blackmailed you to have sex with this dude and then counter blackmail the dude into voting for him by taking a picture of the two of you and then DUMP YOU ANYWAY. Danny wouldn’t do that, who would do that??????

Topics for Consideration:

Loosely Organized Crime Baby Bjorns For The Tiny CFO On The Go Sex Having Wantings God Will Provide (More Potato Skins) Changing the name to Grayson Global Global - Danny’s first act as CEO (Wet) Money Ball My Queen Victoria - the ultimate object of desire and revenge

Target Status:


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See you on November 7th, this Saturday, at!

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Hi everyone! It's another Flashback Episode with guest SomeVito! Just a heads up: we have our 24 Hour Charity Stream for Planned Parenthood coming up on Nov. 7th (this Saturday!) You can find the donation page here and, of course, the stream channel is here. So be sure to stop by and say hi and donate if you can! 

It's Victoria’s turn for revenge in this episode and warning - its pretty rough or at least the catalyst for the revenge is pretty rough, the revenge itself isn't so over the top, really its just a very candid dinner conversation. See, it's Thanksgiving and Victoria decides to have story time about the last Thanksgiving she had with Mother Harper. Victoria has a Mother and Victoria has been planning her Mother’s demise since the last time they talked, which was apparently 40 years ago when Mother threw Victoria out of the house for getting molested by Mother’s boyfriend. Yup, I told you it was rough. So anyway Victoria springs her revenge trap which ends with her mother out on the street and penniless in a fur coat. Shit was pretty hard for everyone in 2006 not just for shitty mother Harper. Danny was being used as an unwitting pawn by the women in his life, Charlotte was barely acknowledged, Jack’s dad was alive, and a mean drunk AND a mean sober, and Ashley was in the process of getting trafficked by the mob. Emily meets Aiden in the Brighton Beach/Moscow club where Ashley will presently be trafficked, but luckily Emily saves them both. Takeda takes on a new pupil and has to open a remedial class in his Revenge School just for Aiden. Declan is also barely acknowledged.

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Dave starts out by insisting we shouldn’t go on tangents then tenderly holds our hands as he hurls us down a Destiny/Nerd Paraphernalia/Youtube celebrity rabbit hole that lasts about 12 minutes. Then its a very Mason episode, Mason Mason Mason!!! How shall we describe all the Mason? Mason is, in his very special Mason way, being very Mason about everything. We get to hear his voice mail message, which is also his Twitter bio.

Mason is practically begging Amanda to crush his skull, bringing up the Baby Carl and her new life with Jack and then being all creepy-salacious about Amanda and Emily’s time in juvie. Mason this is not 1890 and you are not writing for the New York Journal, if you want to ask them if they dated go ahead, no need to go all yellow press on it and use the word "Sapphic".

I prove that I forgot everything I learned in law school yet again by talking about “common carrier” laws instead of an innkeeper’s duty to accommodate. I guess maybe it was just the commm that confused me but seriously, don’t go to law school kids, its a debt factory! ANYWAY rich people are rich, Nolan is adorbs, Amanda is murderous, and Emily is just barely keeping the circus together.

Emily decides Aiden has suffered through enough chest punching and has performed sufficient extracurricular penance that he is now eligible for smooches. He does seem pretty contrite but he also does seem pretty boring-handsome. Although god, not anywhere close to the most boring-handsome dude that will grace the cast of Revenge. Whats-his-face from season 4, I’m (not) looking at you. God your face is boring, I’m sorry but I can’t help it, your face is so boring!! Even though it is also handsome. But more importantly it is boring. Also bonus feature - Dave doing a ‘Scandinavian’ accent and being super pleased with it while he pretends to know what Borgen is.

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We’re back, hi everyone! Thanks for tuning into our very special favorite passtime the REVENGECAST SPAZCAST PODCAST broadcast. Victoria and Conrad are getting re-married!!! And Conrad is getting framed for the only murder he didn’t commit and/or abet! I run out of words to describe how pretty Victoria is in her wedding pearls and Dave hashes out the entire plot of Demolition Man to me. Sounds pretty ok except for the whole culture wars political correctness panic premise.

Aiden is trying to get Emily to be ok with him again, but even though they shared that most intimate of moments--the thing where one person anime-flails on the other person's chest while crying--she apparently still needs more time. Mason is being remarkably Mason but believes, for now, that Fauxmanda is Amanda but Amanda makes sure Emily understands that she will 100% Frank Mason if he comes at her family again, and Baby Carl will be there to help roll the body into the ditch. He needs to learn to protect himself in preparation for blossoming into the beautiful juvie girl we all know him to be in his heart. In other goings on at the Stow Away, Creepy-Handsome Toothy Man is harassing Declan about sex and just being generally creepy and toothy in his stupid polos and dockers. How does Nolan make that preppy shit look so good?? Its so ugly on other people.

Speaking of Nolan, Nolan is crashing the Grayson’s rewedding--okay, technically he was invited but then Emily’s technically ordered him not to go unless he wanted to technically suffer the loss of his technical ability to breathe through his throat, nose, and mouth--but seriously Conrad gets hauled away in handcuffs during the first dance with Victoria so thats really something you want to see live rather than via Clam Cam. Victoria is so extremely happy as Conrad gets arrested that she gives us the first creepy smile of the season (?! is this possible? I don’t remember any others though) but she still sleeps with the mother-of-pearl-inlaid, monogramed 22 revolver he got her as a wedding present under her pillow. Awwwwwwww, she hates him so tenderly sometimes. We are pretty rough on babies in this episode, but to be fair they don’t understand words so who cares, but even if they did they apparently poop in peoples mouths (?!) so fuck those guys anyway.

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I'll make a blog post tomorrow maybe!

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Goodbye you beautiful moldman ;_; and Amanda too I guess

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This week on Revenge: the Graysons are fighting again in that Grayson way that's less like fighting and more like doing your own thing while being snide to everyone around you while waiting for someone else to break first; see, whoever escalates the passive aggression to aggressive aggression is the real loser. So Danny is doing a sulk crawl through every room in Grayson manor hoping his mom will notice, Charlotte is spending money on Amanda in quantities just high enough to annoy Victoria, Ashley is around, Conrad is making time with his weirdly forceful whisper-insults, and they’re all pretty pissed at Victoria. To be fair, she did individually plan three separate and slightly different conspiracies with each of them. Starting from the top: as we know, she faked her death and then planned to run away with Charlotte, she then faked her kidnapping and the beating that allowed her to return from the dead with Conrad.

Wait thats only two..............................

Oh yeah! The conspiracy with Danny is where he pretends to be able to read and Victoria pretends to be proud of him.

Anyway! Everything starts getting messy when it turns out Danny did learn how to read somewhere along the line and he finds a note left by Aden that says “your mom is a big liar and was planning to run away with Charlotte and wasn’t even kidnapped.” Victoria declares a lockdown at Grayson Manor and officially bans Emily from the premises for her own good, so Emily resorts to using the faked-not-faked paternity test to force Amanda to start hanging out with the Graysons even though Jack explicitly forbade it. So yeah Jack is being a dick and Declan is stealing stuff and ughhhhhh fuck Declan I might just pretend he doesn’t exist for the rest go the show please is that ok?

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Hi everyone who likes Dinnercasts! The Bloodborne Dinnercast we’ve all been waiting for has finally hatched after being in the incubator for 5 months! Many thanks to those who submitted questions and patiently waited for us to finally release this, so go ahead and listen to it, please! Sorry for the delay and we love you! (*´ ˘ `*).。oO ( ♡ )

For those who don't know what Dinnercasts are, its when we go out to a restaurant that we hope won’t be too noisy and record a conversation over dinner about a game or TV show that we just can’t stop talking about. Background noise in this one is tolerable (again, based on Dinnercast expectations) but gets a bit loud at the end (and the very beginning!)


For anyone keeping track/curious this was at Henry Public, the same place we did the True Detective S01 Dinnercast. We got pulled turkey sandwiches. Again. They were delicious.

(thanks to Wayne for the art)

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REJOICE FOR SHE IS RISEN! Victoria is back and issuing orders to Conrad just like old times. This is another long one, tangents on tangents. Tangents having tangent babies that then have even more tangent babies--when will it stop? Never, if we have anything to say about it (and we do!) Speaking of babies Danny is trying to figure out whats going on in the Grayson Global books, but Conrad told Ashley to just gave him a copy of Clifford the Big Red Dog so Danny isn’t making as much progress as he expected, he always had trouble with Clifford (look, I don't want to deny the fundamental premise of the story, but it's just creepy; does he really have to be so big?) Victoria gets Conrad to beat her up so she can come back to the Manor and just like that the Graysons are back together again! Per usual, Danny is the last person on earth to learn the Truth--that Victoria’s explosive, mid federal-witness flight death was just a ruse. Danny is pretty upset; this is the tooth fairy incident all over again (Danny got his wisdom teeth out last year, it was a rough time for the little guy.) Emily is sick of lending out three of her guest bedrooms to an inconsiderate roomie who'd rather consummate All Day Brunch with a girl, a real girl, a 3D girl(!) than take his shift at the Clam Cam station, and so she takes it out on Amanda by telling her the paternity test said Jack wasn’t the father of the (alien?) elephant fetus thats been growing for 16 months in her womb, and, frankly, of all the people that dramatically close the Toughbook in this episode Nolan was the worst at it, so no big loss there. Enjoy feeding cereal to your Ryan Gosling hug pillow on the streetswhich are your new home, nerd.

ADVISORY: There comes a time in every podcast's life journey where you have to say "fuck it, we did the best we could" and put it out, loudly clipping laughter and all. We recorded this in our mostly empty apartment so the audio quality is pretty awful because it's all like ~echo echo echo~ We plan on making a podcast cave in the new house and to try to learn how to make this stuff sound better. Sorry for your earballs :(

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We did it. We made it. Season 2 is upon us. We wearily rouse ourselves from our depressive torpor because, though Victoria is dead, the "Victoria Grayson 2012 Memorial Day Art Auction and Tasteful Philanthropy Gala Sponsored by the Generous and Stunning Victoria Grayson" is still on, except hosted by Ashley. To honor her fallen idol, and also because Victoria left very precise instructions in her will, Ashley wears a simple sackcloth dress and pretends to be bad at party planning so that everyone will pine all the more for the days of Victoria's generous and stunning party leadership. Emily (invited by Chorcolattea who is on furlough from rehab) shows up in a pretty red dress which confuses Danny and forces him to confront the question of why he isn’t still dating her instead of dating Ashley--I mean Croydon--who isn't even wearing a red dress or anything. Danny has a conscience again, maybe, and he spends a lot of time on Victoria's Wistfully Thinking About the Past Balcony, which he has more appropriately renamed Danny's the Before Time Sadness Place. Wooooo hangin out in mom's room, doing mom stuff!

Meanwhile on the other side of the planet (48 hours earlier), Emily has thrown herself full on into the Japanese Memory Drowning Method, wherein you drown yourself to get your memories back, which is real and you guys would know that if you'd signed up for Ronald Takeda's Official Secrets of the Japanese Revenge Masters VHS correspondence course for the reasonable price of $34.95 per tape (plus S&H). But what news from the mark? Quickly, we are enmeshed in the dark pall cast over the dawn of Season 2 by the arrival of only the most treacherous of ancient Chinese sorcerers, Shang Tsung, who, as a character, is really just a copy of that guy from Big Trouble in Little China by Jon Carpenter, so I wanna know exactly where do these white guys get off with this Asian Dark Magic Appropriation BS? 

Anyway Takeda is clearly Japanese not Chinese and furthermore clearly not even the same guy anymore! But I guess nobody had to the time to notice the old Takeda Switcheroo since we were all so busy drinking deep of the only ice-blue, Swarovski crystal eyes sufficient to rival Conrad's unquenchable sapphire glory. Btw his name is Aiden, and we know he and Ems are friends because she almost but not quite murders him after he does her her the courtesy of preventing her from drowning. Quit being so tsun-tsun Emily-kun, it's time to let your heart utau.

(So Ashley Madekwe pulls off some gorgeous glamorous-ass outfits just like everyone else on the show, I felt like its worth it to be earnest about it for one second because we’re so attached to our cartoon version of sack-cloth Cinderella Croydon that we never really talk about how cool she is, plus as @Spankminister pointed out she has a fashion blog!

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Good friend and fellow Conrad fan Spankminister joins us for the explosive finale of Revenge season one and we sure do need the extra pair of hands because plot-wise an astounding number of things happen in this episode. Emily saves Nolan from being murdered by the White Haired Man With Piercing Eyes (WHMWPE) with the help of one of the dozen lock picks she has stowed in her hair, sewn into her clothes, and grafted onto her skeleton. Once Nolan trots off to safety Emily challenges the WHMWPE to a duel in his -thoughtfully appointed- minimalist-murder-basement. There are a lot of clothes happening in the finale too, starting with almost-murdered and almost-murderer attire - respectively: Nolan’s tastefully bloodied tee opposite Emily’s rigorously casual ninja suit. Since nolan is only almost murdered we get to see him looking awesome and celebrating with 9am champagne wearing this:

Danny breaks off the engagement because Emily kissed a boy and the break up creates the perfect opening for Victoria to deliver her sickest burn yet as the long-anticipated engagement present is finally unwrapped. Emily wastes her chance with Jack because she's a WASP and Amanda comes back looking so pregnant she's about to go into labor right there in the Stow Away. Look, a lot happens in this episode just watch it, if nothing else then for the ending montage where Victoria boards the plane. Coincidentally, Conrad has to blow up another plane, and this plane isn’t even full of lame poor people, but instead is transporting the only two women he loves. Poor Connie, he does have a feeling occasionally :( I'm tongue tied over my complicated feelings about Victoria and cant get over her simple but effective use of the all black/all white sartorial metaphor also seen in Psycho. We end with all making a wish that instead of GoT blowing up, Revenge does. Alas the ship has sailed for Westeros, and Jack can’t bring it back to port despite his extant(?) sailing skills. If only we had catchy phrases! Like "An Armalarm always pays her debts" or “Victoria is coming" or “Amandas do not sow." Hm maybe give Victoria some dragons next season and the people will rally?

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In this episode we learn of grief and all its stages, like Rage, Frenzy, Crossing Stuff Out with Red Sharpies, “The Barkening,” and finally, Yelling at Nolan. We flesh out the truth of Methusapup and learn the true power of Sammy, eternity dog and Our Savior. Victoria pulls out some Death Note-level intuition about where secret evidence may be hidden and--oh yes, that's right--we’re talking about the de Kooning again. Emily tries to track down the White-Haired Man (WHM) and Nolan tries to keep Emily from making a Life Altering Mistake (LAM). Aunt Carol comes back to remind Emily her parents are dead, allowing Nolan to deploy his brilliant Super Secret Mustache Plan, wherein he buys a cable guy an island in order to assume the role of Burt, cable fixer and general screw-driver-having guy. I get a little too excited about what stats Victoria would have if she were a Pathfinder character and Dave humors me, mostly. Oh and also: penis cages; we’re sorry. WILL EMILY KILL A PERSON? Will Victoria stab Lydia with a letter opener?Will Charlocta’s parent trap work? Will Conrad ever have lips? What the fuck is on Lydia’s feet?? All these mysteries and more, explored on this week's Revengecast: Eternal Runtime and My First BDSM Edition(tm)!  

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A VERY SPECIAL REVENGE(CAST) – this week we have a mystery guest and lots to talk about! Ok not really a mystery guest, it's SomeVito/Patrick! He graces us with his SomeVitoish presence, and its a good thing too, because we have a lot to get through this week since LEGACY is a veritable nesting doll of flashbacks within tinier, cuter flashbacks, and he somehow manages to keep us (mostly) on track. Victoria is in THE PAAST a lot, and so is Amanda; NOT fauxmanda, just pre-Emily-Manda who is, apparently, bad at literally everything. We open with her nearly beating a man to death with a toilet lid, which is fun for all, but she’s also just wasting her life (and generally getting wasted) going through her billions one 10,000 dollar cigarette at a time. She rolls into Montauk and hits up the Stowaway where she sees Jack, who is walking in slow motion like its the beginning of More Than A Feeling and he has the wig to match. At the Stowaway she gets the skinny on the local catering racket, and so Amanda crashes the Grayson’s New Years Awkward Conspirator Gala, hosted in order to ferret out the traitor in their midst. But who is the traitor? How many people does Frank torture? How many wigs are there? Whose house did Nolan strip out from under them? How awesome is Mason? You’re just going to have to listen to find out!

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In this episode we learn how far Emily is willing to go to not care about absolution, because if her revengenemies aren’t going to seek absolution, then neither will she. So no one will be getting absolved ever, no really, Emily is all “I’m going to do things I can’t take back ohhh spooky scary.” One of the things she can’t take back is when she leaves Nolan a sobbing mess on the floor, because Nolan betrayed her, but not really. She still makes him cry though. We feel bad for Croyden because those rich assholes deserved it, but she gets a Lexus from Conrad which somehow makes the years of abuse and malnutrition ok. Conrad has does some eavesdropping and confused teacup holding. He later finds the snifters and reveals that he has been using Danny as a pawn in his relationship with Victoria for far too long. Danny is surprised? But more importantly everyone is now pretending to be Nermal. Except for Charlotte, who is too sad to do anything.

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In this week’s Revengecast we set out on a grand journey to help Emily answer the question: what is justice anyway? Does it exist inside or outside of the courtroom? In order to fully understand this topic we must first design a clone program to test whether we can raise a human to communicate solely by hamburger emoji. But can Dave, with his weak grasp of bioethics, design a clones for science program? Can Graz figure out even why we are making clones to begin with? Will the clones be in an Errol Morris documentary? Meanwhile in the Hamptons, which are on Long Island apparently, Danny is having a real tough time keeping himself busy about the manor. Emily is like not even hanging out with him and he is so bored. Conrad chases away Victoria’s art boyfriend and Charlotta decides its a good idea to sleep with her drug dealer. Worst of all, things are not going well for the Murdersnitches, and some Inception-level shit is going on where Dave and I both clearly remember Thugswary wearing a powder-blue bellhop uniform in this episode, but really it was just a sweater vest? Emily works all night to use the NYPD's inherent class bonus "Luminol Vision" to make good on her promise to save Jack from further indignity (and further broken ribs), only to come home after a hard night’s frame up to find Danny valiantly breaking house arrest so he can go next door for 2 minutes before he gets dragged back to Rikers again.

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Who killed Tyler? (Takeda.) Where is Amanda? (Montreal, maybe.) Was Chocolate high on the night on the murder? (Yes but who wasn't.) Everybody's doubting everybody in the Hamptons. B.B. Brooks Esq. (The second B stands for "Brooks") concocts a lawyerly turnabout redoubt, building Danny's defense by making Charlie point the finger at the nearest person who is likely to own a hoodie, Jack. Declan is predictably unhappy about this, but nobody seems to care. The broken Mason Treadwell gets to regain his soul (maybe) and channels his pre-Victoria self, who cared about the Truth, and Poor Kids, and wore a lot more corduroy. Nolan pawns Treadwell by letting him in on some thinknovator hot tips, that typewriters are not the only means of getting the words out of your brain, and into other peoples'. And so Treadwell Report is born, where Treadwell will tackle the toughest moral questions facing the Hamptons like: Was Charlotte taking drugs? and also... well, the Charlotte Drug Thing is pretty much it so far, but who can say what this brash idealist will tackle next with his incisive viral bloggings. Victoria demands a full retraction but Mason points out that so long as Victoria keeps not throwing parties with celebrities at them, she has no power over him.

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Father Gascoigne recommends not listening with headphones towards the end, if you value your ears.

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Not in my courtroom, Moneybags.

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Trash Man Whiskers

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This is the big one kids. The Fire and Ice ball we’ve all been dreaming about. So many questions answered. Where is your fiancé? Where the hell is my son? Where are Declan’s pants? Where is Danny’s buddy? Where is 8 mile going? Where is Takeda taking Fauxmanda? Where are Charlotte’s painkillers? Oh wait never mind she already ate all of them. And finally: Emily, where are your joeys for your dress pouch? Emils DID YOU LOSE THE JOEYS?!

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Deal with your Ssy Kid

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Victoria and Emily start out caressing their respective dedicated David-Clark-youtube-channel devices, those kids have so much in common it's sad to see them fight. Emily finds Croyden’s burlap sack and decides to wear it in a nuanced fashion/political statement about the perils of globalization and exploitation of domestic workers, namely Croyden, who now has been deprived of her feed-sack that was also her bed. Speaking of Globalization we learn that Grayson global was originally just named Grayson, but then in an uncharacteristic stroke of business genius Conrad brought the Global. That Connie, his job exists. We learn more about Connie’s one feeling which approaches what humans might call an emotional attachment to his daughter, and also that he is not above destroying her emotionally to make a point in front of his dad and Victoria. Poor Charlie, poor poor poor poor Chuckie Chocolate Charlotte, no matter what happens she’ll be OK as long as she has Daddy Conrad. But the thing is he’s not her dad, and so I guess nothing is OK now. And so, Chocolate takes her sorrows to the Stow Away where she climbs into a bottle of tequila and sort of never comes back out.

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Storm's a-brewin'.

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To buddy or not to buddy.

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