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In this edition of the Revengecast post I'm typing this while Graz streams Dark Souls 3 so apologies for brevity or a (greater than normal) lack of cohesion!

Tonight, we welcome Spankminister's expertise for this Very Special Episode of Revenge, by which I mean it involves not only 90s-style hackers, but also 90s-style video games (by which I mean Street Fighter 2, boyyy!) On this cyberbattlescape where bits are bytes and bytes are the only thing that's real, the notorious Falcon (who is definitely a man) learns a valuable lesson about friendship (maybe!) from... wait, do my eyes deceive me or is that the beautiful and handsome Ryan Gosling star of hit movie, The Driver Man??

Yes friends, tonight, truly the fingerless gloves and Chun-Li kicks flow like rose-scented sweet water as we spiral into a dizzyingly dark descent wherein we discover that Jack Porter may be not only Stupidly Honest Kanzaki Nao BUT ALSO The Ultimate Survivor AKA Kaiji (JUST GET NAKED AND WALK THAT STEEL BEAM, BUDDY, THAT DEBT AIN'T GONNA CLEAR ITSELF), and mull over whether Victoria contemplating her past might be just a little self-serving and/or narcissistic and/or you know, she's kinda got a point though, what's a seventeen-year-old mom gonna do with a kid when Paris is on the horizon?? Who would blame her? Not me!!

(well, maybe me; but at the same time, I understand completely her choices, and to a certain extent believe they were best for everyone involved)

And so, in our own way, we all wish we possessed both Victoria's overwhelming inner strength and her consummate ability for self-deception, because couldn't we all use a bit of Baptism By Haute Couture, here and there? Meanwhile, Charlotte's permitting herself a nice night of Girl on Grayson Action (tm!) and we're sitting here like a bunch of dopes fretting over Declan's remarkably inexpert child care abilities, lamenting Baby Carl's unenviably status as the world's first infant to experience post-partum depression while JUJU CHANG IS IN THE SITTING ROOM RIGHT NOW. HOLY CRAP. EVERYONE GET A MOVE ON, THERE'S NO TIME!

(if the audio's out of whack, sorry! leveling two sources is haaaaaaaaarrrrdddd)

Topics for Consideration:

The 5 Stages of Revenge Grief A Gap In The Flashback Firewall Cool Person Trick Questions Declan's Aura Of Extreme Malaise (+d6 Sadness in a 25' Radius/Round) Street Fighter 2: A Commitment To Accuracy SKREE!

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