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ffti Download here Join us, your friends from the internet, in a questioncast! If you'd like to be on the next one, send your question to! If you'd like there to actually be a next one, share this around so more people will listen to it and we'll actually get questions!
If you have the time, write us a review on iTunes using this link. iTunes reviews are a big factor in discovery metrics, and all it takes is a sentence to help us grow! YOU KNOW HOW I STARTED THIS EPISODE TALKING ABOUT HOW IN THE CHARIOT VIDEO WE STARTED RECORDING TOO LOUD AND THEN I LOWERED IT. WELL I DID IT ON THIS EPISODE TOO, SO ENJOY THE FIRST ~10 MINUTES. Also I feel weird cropping audio of a dub of a parody webcomic but here's the video and I guess here's the original artist because, according to Wealthyaardvark, "people became very internety about it" and she took it down, so thanks a lot internet?? This Week's Major Skews: Induction Burner Entraptment 2D Waifus: An Analysis of Hidden Costs The story about a little village that shoved donkey turds into a certain someone’s ears that JUST MIGHT surprise you Baby Nicky vs Schierke: Who Did It Best? See you next time, kids!
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Friends from the Internet Dave Riley and Graziella Mattie join Zac to stare longingly into the void with Nier: Automata. PLUS: Persona 5 and our most anticipated games from E3!

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Listen Up!

We are back with Revengecast! BUT FIRST Dave tries to explain why he plays the fire emblem gambling for waifus game to me for like the 500th time. I guess you breed an army of waifus in a fake baby dimension? Or like…maybe you just will them into being then they come from the baby dimension? Future babies. Fighting your wars. Sweet. The one this week is Charlotte bride, but not our Charlotte, she’s just a brides maid. And a dummy. She gets to say i love you to her future sister in-law who she calls her "sort-of sister" but who is really her real sister. Also they’re just called sisters in-law, not sort-of sisters charlotte, its not complicated. Don’t do drugs kids, or at least, don’t do as many drugs as Charlotte did because she used to be top of her class and on her way to college and now she can’t remember what sisters in-law do. Nolan is trying to work Patrick but also trying to get boned because he actually likes him but Patrick is too stuck on Mommytoria. Conrad gets to flex his creepy daddy complex all over the place and Aiden and Emily get off some last minute pre revenge smooches just to make everything sloppy and unprofessional as hell. Takeda is sucking his teeth and shaking his head in the afterlife. Uhhhhh what else, Jack is boring. Margaux is cute. Oh yeah Moriniellonoello/Sarah Padingtonbeara tries to kill herself because the boy she liked then hated then kinda liked again is getting married. Topics for Consideration:

Sarah Paddingtonbeara Daddy Conrad Danny more like Drunky...again Takeda’s racially insensitive loft Mini scuba Sky mall beacon

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