Friends From The Internet
This flimsy excuse for a podcast mostly exists to remind you that #BD4PP2017 is coming and STREAMTOBER starts tomorrow at! But in it Dave spoils ALL OF ATTACK ON TITAN so don't listen past the overproduced intro if you care about spoilers for everything UP TO AND INCLUDING THE CURRENT MANGA. (also since I have no illusions about anyone actually understanding a word I said, you can find information about the BD4PP stream here!)
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Download here It's YFI! The only podcast on the internet that I'm currently rushing out to get done between work and a friend's weekend-long wedding extravaganza. But that's neither here nor there!! Thanks so much to Evan (@vamptvo) for joining us, you can find much of his work on AniGamers and my sinceristy apologies for not editing down that Maison Ikokku blather into a tighter bit but like I said I am EXTREMELY HARRIED THERE'S SO MUCH LEFT TO BE DONE TONIGHT AND NOW A SWITCH IS HAVING POWER INPUT ISSUES AND CANT DECIDE BETWEEN 110V AND 220V OH MY GOD I'M GONN D If you'd like to be on the next one, send your question to!
If you have the time, write us a review on iTunes using this link. iTunes reviews are a big factor in discovery metrics, and all it takes is a sentence to help us grow! This Week's Major Skews: Sweet Potatoes RULE! This New "Facebook" Thing 👏property👏is👏people👏 GO BACK TO YOUR OWN TIME, KAGOMI. See you next time, kids!
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