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It's a new pod! Come with us as we explore the worlds of Actual Play via the mechanism of Legacy of Dragonholt,  wherein we flex our improvisational muscles and my mixing of audio is put to the absolute limit. Featuring the community collaboration of discord members Timecrash, DG_Nick, and DunkmasterKyouko for this really bad bit that YES OF COURSE I'M GONNA KEEP DOING IT WHO DO YOU THINK I AM.


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As surprising as a Majima Everywhere, it's time for Graziella to Tell Us Everything She Remembers From Nearly A Year Of Playing Yakuza Kiwami!   By the way! Did you know we have a tinyletter now to use for the purposes of reminding people when things like this come up so it doesn't get lost in the overwhelming onslaught of sadness and strife that is the modern social media feed? Sign up at and don't fear I'll spam you to death with it, because I can't think of anything interesting to write in it otherwise! Also we have a discord! oops, I'm supposed to mention that more!  
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FIRST! Zac and Jacob return to the maddening world of DARLING in the FRANXX, PLUS FLCL2! THEN: Dave and Graziella from Friends from the Internet are back for 90 minutes of our E3 Game Show! It's all videogames! C'mon in!

(for YFI listeners, Graz and I show up at the 56:00 mark)

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