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good morning (brew!)

you know the deal! the Downtown Nemuru Ultimate Anime Sleepytime Challenge is a podcast where our community challenges graz to determine which anime titles i provide her are real and which are....

....beyond belief....😌


Today! 2 pm! We have bd4pp's mandated Hitman Stream For Charity: Yet Once More Into The No Limit Game!! if you haven't watched one of our "Ducks for Buxx" streams, you can learn all about the Intricate Rules and Channel Lore here

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hope to see you soon!

(also if you think i didn't use your titles.... it's because i'm SAVING a bunch for the Downtown Nemuru Ultimate Anime Sleepytime Challenge FALL 2020 Edition--to be performed live next week on bd4pp!😋)

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i'm gonna skip the bit because tonight on revenge..... it's large victories tempered by little sadnesses. the true heart of the "melo"'d drama is laid bare for us tonight on the television screen. Emlanda Clorne......... for so long we've known you. we've rooted for you.... for some reason not to kill people? why is this still a thing in this show? they forget about everything else all the time why not just forget about that. i would be more mad right now if i didn't remember the finalé of that particular character arc--i.e.: the show, in toto--may as well have been written by us, in podcast form, as fanfiction.

but that's a little story for season FOUR For as long as we've known and cared about Emily, for considerably less time have we we known Aiden, who we do sometimes still call EYE-den (though, mercifully, not in this episode, i think? but maybe, i don't really listen when i'm editing--i wouldn't so much call it "editing", what i do, as it is "edit in the Law and Order SVU DONK DONK sound more often than i should, which is zero.)

so Aiden. right now, he thought he'd be shipping his big old head and his accent all the way back to Anaheim, California, the home of A Disney Place, itself the home of Epicott Center (less sure on this one???), which is a longwinded way of reminding you that Revenge's idea of England is a single street from It's A Small World After All and acknowledging there's something called a "lorry." ah, revenge..... we're not so different, you and i.... 😿

oh hello, panza just came in. she is here because she smelled i had an egg. her favorite spot in our new office is directly underneath my desk. that kind of coziness, crossed with her Big Dog status, melds into a kind of irresistible kryptonite of cuteness, such that i can't say no to her, despite that i am now recognizing, in the process of typing this, that someone has almost 100% certainly sat in the new garden manure. well that's how it goes!!! i mean the fucking world is still burning down around us but i guess we all stopped talking about it because who could sustain that level of verbal unease for more than a whole week--ring ring.... what's that? the ghost of jerry orbach is calling to tell me we're still in a global pandemic overseen by the dumbest minds in modern fascism? cool!! well i'll just remind us all that a deadly virus is what spurred the successful (in the sssshort term😰) commnunist revolution in notable cool game Disco Elysium--possible contender for last year's GOTY(contender.... how the shit am i still on #8.... it's fuckin august dude.... and it's been open in my browser since like... may.... i just can't get over this corndog shit and get it out the door. bro!!!!)

shit, man.... that post is so old i talk about finishing Dark Cloud "recently,"... i have been grafting bits of RE2 and DMC5 onto that thing like plugging holes in a bathtub boat for like 6 months--haha life is so weird now. i used to get upset about things like...... not writing. now i get upset if i stand for more than the 90 seconds my injured back is willing to give me and i end up having to moan in bed for like an hour as a consequence😐anything less than that is more like a head check to see if i'm still alive.)

what about Revenge? well, i can only speak for myself, because Graziella is working her first day of her *NEW JOB* today (👍👍👍) but i think it's a modern masterpiece easily as good as a Kubrick movie but approximately forty times as long. what more is there to say? people call her girl Batman and i don't see why, because Batman sucks. he's like one of the worst superheroes and yet they keep making movies about him and not Blade. why is revenge better? because it has feelings. GIRL feelings! or at least............."girl feelings" as interpreted by an affluent gay white dude so.....that's like....its own genre. it burned very bright for so very long, and quite beautifully at times, for all its lumps.

i don't know why i'm eulogizing the show when i should be eulogizing conrad. but i won't. why? because the episode where he got kicked off the board and wore boat shorts by the pool, exposing us to all his weird and mossy old man leg hair, breaching the social contract. this, plus the Frank Sinatra singing like he's your drunk and cryptoracist in-law at an extended family holiday gathering, thus rendering him In Conflicto Excommunicato according to the edicts of The Purgatoria Duo Decem. which is, naturally, why the wolves are set on him, which is why he dies in a forest by the light of the moon??? hello???

well, like recognizes like, is what i'm saying. this is one thought among a melange of stimuli, as the lone Hoodie Wolf stalks his prey. the lightest whüf of pömade off silvery pelt, shining 'neath silvery moonlight. the dulcet tones of Old Blue Eye and eyes of blue, flashing sagaciously in the dark. that stunted colossus waves as the Hoodie Wolf slinks into the headlights' amber corona. smiling with all the promise of a new beginning, he'll have such precious little time to realize he should've been making peace for the final end.😔🙏


is what i would say to victoria, if i were emily, after hitting her with a shovel. it would take a long time and no one would hear it but i would feel obligated to, because i long in the mirror......... waiting............ for this day... to come.😇

Topics for Consideration:

Metaphysical Daddy Gifts
Single-Rail Danny Choo-Choo
Revenge.... For Me....?

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(as i conclude this blog, panza is asleep underneath me, and i dare not move, because her little angel paw is twitching against my toes in her sleep🥰it was...all worth it....)

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it's revengecast, the only podcast on the internet closing in on covering a full 75% of one specific TV show called Revenge.

so as people who now know approximately 71-73% of revenge, you know that we're in the know!  and people in the know know they don't NEED to go over what goes on in the episode. a guy who looks like Brad Pitt's chin got stuck by 30 bees harasses emily so hard that she discards her Billionaire Power Armor (colloquially known as "money") to accompany him (not under arrest) to the police station set from what is almost certainly a failed multi-racial 90s buddy cop sitcom called Coffee n' Creem. and we *all* already know how easy it is to buy an ear off DARKEST of webs--but not because our politicians or news media are talking about it, am i right?? what's important is this is the moment. it's *the* moment, right. it's all come to this, bro!! all the red sharpies. all the therapists in cargo contains. Mason Treadwell. The Initiative. double infinities. collars. watches. whale cams. spilling bloody marys on people and then pretending to love them for three years while making "shooting yourself in the head with a cartoon pistol" gestures behind his back to your billionaire-slash-pervert friend on face time. the frakking guy because we needed a mid-season enemy of the week! squeak-squeaking your sister and giving her 1000 ccs of Clockwork Orange because you're tired of coming up with good plans. exploding her best friend on a boat that almost had nothing to do with you except for like in a cosmic and/or karmic sense............

but all that being said........ don't you gotta just give it to her? and don't you just you gotta give it to Conrad? i'm so surfeit with emotions i feel like standing and clapping like they do at the end of a play but i don't even do that at real plays because i'm socially awkward and am convinced that any motion i make will cause a crowd of hyenas to descend.** hey maybe i even gotta give it (just a *lil*) to Mike Kelley (or whoever wrote this) because people have been waiting to see Emily on the other side of jail cell from Conrad for a long time. what people? well.... i know two of them!!!! and they're just as happy seeing it now as they did for the first times...................................

motherfucker how is "We Can't Quit.... Coz We Fit" not a Tim and Eric sketch, get the fuck off the porch Aiden, Jack is here with a RING (metaphor!!!!)

so by the by: three cheers, Emalarm! here's to a successful mission with absolutely no repercussions in the near future, especially considering the next episode is the season finale! :)

Topics for Consideration:

Butt Prints
"Little Mao"
The New Franq
Little Miss Born-A-Wretch

Target Status:

target status: ....creepy........ acknowledgement?

write us a review on iTunes using this link. it seems like it matters? but i don't really check or anything so you could just lie :)

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**i did break this rule once.... and only once..... it was the Takarazuka Revue's showing of Chicago and i did it.... because they were incredibly hot.... :)

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that,s right its time for the *ONLY* podcast on the internet that waits nearly a year between installments of its supposedly weekly recap of a serialized TV show--no silly, i'm not talking about Fast Karate Vento Aureo Edition (RIP?? (there's always BD4PP2020( provided we all live that long))). iiiiiiits Revenge(...for david...)cast!

well look a lot of things have changed since the last episode, including some people's names (mine). does that mean, by some strange coincidence, i am thanking the ghost of the fictional character oscar chapman--early 2010s answer to late 1960s transphobia--to thank for my coming out? i'm not saying that's NOT what happened... but ultimately... it was mostly this "Netflix's the Boy 2 The Boyer" tweet that set the whole thing in motion??? wow it's like... kinda weird when you put it that way... thank u... the netflix's the brahms...........😿 ally........😿✊

know who's NOT an ally though? Nolan. why? because he is hacking javier's app which javier has gone to PRISON for (not the app, but hacking) and now nolan's going to fuck up the life of *another* convicted felon??? one who literally bootstrapped himself by the side of your gigantic luxury pool??? real mature, nolan. i guess we won't be sparing you from the guillotine...... unless you come to your jail sentencing tribunal from Batman 3 where they had to walk out on the ice in another one of those coutûré jackets again.... that is.... :3c


meanwhile, somewhere in hoboken, the feds are on the trail! and by the feds we mean Rebeca Stone: Homeland Security and by Rebeka Stone Homelamb Securtity we mean...


what's our plan? we don't have one! when do we have it? right now in this shipping container we've spur-of-the-moment kidnapped a french billionaire into! deciding that RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW is the better part of valor, Embecca Storne cuts a hastier-than-is-advised deal with Pascale Lemarchale, paying heed to the old adage that a Conrad in the hand is worth two Victoria's bushes which is just patently foolish because we know Conrad's bush is dessicated and sad like dry moss while Victoria's conjures to mind a certain glen by moonlight, downy and soft as a mother wolf's fur......🥰

where to begin and where to end. well, i know one person who certainly is ending a little earlier than normal lately! up high pascale!!

really if you think about emily, conrad, and possibly victoria--depending on how you slice it--are all now billionaires with a billionaire body count. if we simply adopt a "one murdered billionaire per remaining alive billionaire" quota i think we will see results literally overnight!! in that 50% of them will murder the other 50%. they have no loyalty in mundane matters do you think they'd be able to resist madeline stowe. we can weaponize her.... for the good of all humanity..... and if you think no one will fall for it i expect a 5 page essay on why you believe Elon Musk is just a chill science rocket dude and not the blood-serum font from which the dumb dumb drugs are synthesized. come on y'all its 2020 now and Seattle's Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone is curently fucking shit up. love to everyone in the struggle let's tear the whole goddamn system down!!!!😤

thank you to timecrash for sponsoring this episode by donating $50 to a black lives matter-related cause!!! sorry the totality of our vtuber knowledge is barely enough to fill five minutes, and i didn't think graz could handle 5 minutes talking about my favorite arknights because my favorite arknights............ are all of them.... 👼

Topics for Consideration:

Rowdy Trevor: The Bum
"Coming Around Like The Gardner"
Who's the witch??
Propeller Physics
Defund Cops Out Of Society :)

Target Status:

if you have the time, write us a review on iTunes using this link. it seems like it matters? but i don't really check or anything so you could just lie :)

also we have a mailing list now! Sign up for... uhhh whenever the new DNUASC is coming, that's pretty much it for the moment.

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ooops i meant sleipnir i guess, shrug emoji**

GUESS WHAT BABEY. it's my birthday (in a couple days) so come out to our streaming channel ( tomorrow, May 2nd (still not my actual birthday) and let's have fun together on an ALL DAY STREM (2020)






**but being "the enchanted rope that is tied around Fenrir" sounds like a pretty hot gig for an anime protagonist honestly

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It's a new podcast!! I'm sleepy!! The end!!

(a bunch of submissions came in after the wire so rest assured i'm saving them for next time)

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wow!! is it really a whole separate calendar year since we did DOWNTOWN NEMURU ULTIMATE ANIME SLEEPYTIME CHALLENGE FALL 2019 EDITIONi guess things sometimes fall through the cracks when you're... me... 🥺

"They're not just going to GIVE it to you."

everyone is sick on this recording, so sorry about the coughing (and the coffee!)!! i totally forgot in the rush of positive emotions that our community raised nearly $5000 for the New Sanctuary Coalition this year. good job, everyone!! you worked inversely as hard as i didn't to put this out two months after we recorded it!!! m(___)m

Hold onto your seats, because it's time for a life or death struggle where Graziella's mettle is put to the absolute test as she wends and winds a labyrinth of real and user-submitted anime titles in an quest to determine the very essence of Reality and Falsehood!

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It's a new pod! Come with us as we explore the worlds of Actual Play via the mechanism of Legacy of Dragonholt, wherein we flex our improvisational muscles and my mixing of audio is put to the absolute limit.



This one isn't really edited because we did it LIVE for #bd4pp2019! If you'd like to watch the video version this was sourced on, go check out the youtube! Enjoy the finale of Dragonholt which goes!! places!! we did not!! expect!!

If you're just here for the names of the audio files I gave to Ian, brüdder, do i have good news for you!!

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