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that,s right its time for the *ONLY* podcast on the internet that waits nearly a year between installments of its supposedly weekly recap of a serialized TV show--no silly, i'm not talking about Fast Karate Vento Aureo Edition (RIP?? (there's always BD4PP2020( provided we all live that long))). iiiiiiits Revenge(...for david...)cast!

well look a lot of things have changed since the last episode, including some people's names (mine). does that mean, by some strange coincidence, i am thanking the ghost of the fictional character oscar chapman--early 2010s answer to late 1960s transphobia--to thank for my coming out? i'm not saying that's NOT what happened... but ultimately... it was mostly this "Netflix's the Boy 2 The Boyer" tweet that set the whole thing in motion??? wow it's like... kinda weird when you put it that way... thank u... the netflix's the brahms...........😿 ally........😿✊

know who's NOT an ally though? Nolan. why? because he is hacking javier's app which javier has gone to PRISON for (not the app, but hacking) and now nolan's going to fuck up the life of *another* convicted felon??? one who literally bootstrapped himself by the side of your gigantic luxury pool??? real mature, nolan. i guess we won't be sparing you from the guillotine...... unless you come to your jail sentencing tribunal from Batman 3 where they had to walk out on the ice in another one of those coutûré jackets again.... that is.... :3c


meanwhile, somewhere in hoboken, the feds are on the trail! and by the feds we mean Rebeca Stone: Homeland Security and by Rebeka Stone Homelamb Securtity we mean...


what's our plan? we don't have one! when do we have it? right now in this shipping container we've spur-of-the-moment kidnapped a french billionaire into! deciding that RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW is the better part of valor, Embecca Storne cuts a hastier-than-is-advised deal with Pascale Lemarchale, paying heed to the old adage that a Conrad in the hand is worth two Victoria's bushes which is just patently foolish because we know Conrad's bush is dessicated and sad like dry moss while Victoria's conjures to mind a certain glen by moonlight, downy and soft as a mother wolf's fur......🥰

where to begin and where to end. well, i know one person who certainly is ending a little earlier than normal lately! up high pascale!!

really if you think about emily, conrad, and possibly victoria--depending on how you slice it--are all now billionaires with a billionaire body count. if we simply adopt a "one murdered billionaire per remaining alive billionaire" quota i think we will see results literally overnight!! in that 50% of them will murder the other 50%. they have no loyalty in mundane matters do you think they'd be able to resist madeline stowe. we can weaponize her.... for the good of all humanity..... and if you think no one will fall for it i expect a 5 page essay on why you believe Elon Musk is just a chill science rocket dude and not the blood-serum font from which the dumb dumb drugs are synthesized. come on y'all its 2020 now and Seattle's Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone is curently fucking shit up. love to everyone in the struggle let's tear the whole goddamn system down!!!!😤

thank you to timecrash for sponsoring this episode by donating $50 to a black lives matter-related cause!!! sorry the totality of our vtuber knowledge is barely enough to fill five minutes, and i didn't think graz could handle 5 minutes talking about my favorite arknights because my favorite arknights............ are all of them.... 👼

Topics for Consideration:

Rowdy Trevor: The Bum
"Coming Around Like The Gardner"
Who's the witch??
Propeller Physics
Defund Cops Out Of Society :)

Target Status:

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