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It's a new pod! Come with us as we explore the worlds of Actual Play via the mechanism of Legacy of Dragonholt,  wherein we flex our improvisational muscles and my mixing of audio is put to the absolute limit.

Always Caulk The Wagon =^-.-^=




the tracks used, in order, are:

Soliloquy by Matthew Pablo,  Main Menu - Dream Music by Hitctrl,  Village Music by Hitctrl, City 03 by Fantasy Musica, Lonely Witch by HorrorPen, Depths Part 1 by pal.zoltan.illes, Recent Changes by Arthur, accìon! by djsaryon, Sunflower Valley by isaiah658, and, as always, The Empty Road by Hitctrl

gabba gabba GET IT





(you are already GOT IN THE FUCKIN FACE, KYRIC)

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